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Excellent Oil Change and Lube Services

Excellent Oil Change Services

Oil change and lube services at Alan Rice Automotive involve more than swapping out a filter and replacing the old oil with new oil. It's also our chance to get familiar with your car with an inspection. 

We check belts, hoses, tires, fluid levels, and anything else that is visible to make sure your vehicle is in good shape. We also make service recommendations if necessary. Our auto towing service is only a call away!
Oil change

Factory Warranty Vehicle Service

Is your car ready for a scheduled 30,000- or 60,000-mile maintenance? We'll perform the same services as the dealer and have your vehicle in peak operating condition in no time. Rest assured that your warranty will not be voided when we perform the maintenance.
Brake service

Your One-Stop Repair Services

  • Complete brake service
  • Transmission service
  • Light-duty truck repair
  • Front wheel alignment
For your convenience, we provide early bird drop-off services. Contact us at 
Our factory-trained technicians are skilled in handling foreign and domestic vehicles. 
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