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Top-Grade Auto Air-Conditioning Unit Services

Keep Your Vehicle Cool With Our Quality Air-Conditioning Services 

If your air conditioning isn't working, get in touch with us right away. At Alan Rice Automotive, we’ll do a performance test which includes pressure and temperature tests. 

If there's a failure, we'll flush out the system and clear out the debris. Maybe your vehicle only needs a Freon recharge. We provide same-day services on most cars.

Thorough Prepurchase Inspection

Getting ready to buy a used car? Stop by Alan Rice Automotive! We'll do a thorough prepurchase inspection and give you an evaluation. If you're taking a road trip, let our professionals do a safety inspection!

Comprehensive Car Services

  • Fuel injection cleaning
  • Batteries, starters, and alternators
  • Electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Complete brake service
  • Transmission service
Visit us today for top-quality air-conditioning and heating services.
Use our early bird service to drop your car off at your convenience. 
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